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Parship (or Parship GmbH) is an online dating agency based in Hamburg, Germany. It was part of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Its stated goal is to encourage and forge long-term partnerships.


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Peter Grems says

"Don't bother answering all these questions, they don't respect your search criteria anyway. I had very scant search resuts. Neither of my matches replied to my message. I was also trying at the same time. I got lots of appropriate matches there, most of them were responsive. They have overall higher caliber of women despite of the lower prices. I've been in close contact with several very beautiful ladies via Whatsapp. I look forward to meeting them in real. It's just the proof that there are legit and serious sites. I recommend to stop wasting your time on Parship and suchlike shady sites which make money on nickel-and-diming their clients."

toolani user says

"FAKE PROFILES! You mostly get messages only from Fake users. After some inconsequential / irrelevant conversations, these fake profiles disappear. Extremely OVERPRICED! considering the Quality on offer, with almost ZERO / few real users. Neither worth a penny nor a second of your time! UNFAIR CONTRACT CANCELLATION POLICY! Even after deleting your profile, you have to continue paying for several years in the future. HORRIBLE Customer service! They only have the standard copy+paste responses. They are good at sending debt collection notices, though. My bad, I didn't read the user reviews beforehand."

jean louis says

"Bad, When you subscribe for 24 months, they cash in 24 months in ONE shot!! It's scandalous !! And when you mail them, NO ANSWER!! CLEARLY AVOID!! JLLévèque"

Mr Graham Walters says

"Probably the most expensive dating site out there, and not worth the money. The con starts as soon as you sign up, a process which is lengthy and asks a lot of questions in order to find your "perfect" match. You don't get to see photographs until you contact someone and they allow you to see them. My results were 8 matches, 7 of which hadn't signed in for over a month and were over 60 miles away Don't waste your money"

Jesper H Christiansen says

"But they keep sending me offers and newsletters although I've written them several times. Complete scam."

Peter Hamilton says

"Been using this site for a few weeks and not really sure if I like it more than, or Sure it is one of the better sites I've used but In my opinion there are different options in the UK."

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